frequently asked questions
What's the Weather Like ?

The weather varies little in Anguilla. There is only about a 4°F temperature variation between summer and winter. The temperature range for winter is 73° at night to 86°F during the day (23°C to 30°C) and 78°F at night to 88°F during the day (26°C to 32°C) for summer. There is almost always a refreshing breeze on island, especially at the Wesley House because of its Navigation Hill location. Although seldom necessary, the bedrooms of the Wesley House are air conditioned. Anguilla is an arid island but it is not unusual for it to rain. When it does rain it is usually only for a few minutes and often the sun never stops shining.

Is the House Air Conditioned ?

Yes, All three bedrooms are air conditioned.

What Should I Wear ?

A light sweater or wrap may be required after a day at the beach and the sun sets at outdoor restaurants. Sundresses, shorts and short sleeved shirts are accepted at all restaurants. Long pants and ties are only required for more formal events or business meetings.

What's the Electricity Like?

It's just like the US (110 volts). No need for a converter.

What's the Currency? Can I use my Credit Cards?

The official currency of Anguilla is the EC (Eastern Caribbean) Dollar which is tied to the US Dollar (EC$2.70=US$1.00). Both currencies are widely accepted on the island. Most prices are quoted in US dollars, at bars, restaurants and boutiques. Grocery stores, the post office and the Government quote in EC Dollars. Don't be afraid to ask if the price is in US or EC dollars.

Credit cards are accepted at larger stores, restaurants and boutiques. There may be a minimum charge amount of around $20.00. Smaller businesses, most gas stations and road side stands only accept cash (EC or US).

What's the shopping like?

Although Anguilla is not known as a shopping destination, there are small boutiques offering island wear, jewelry and souvenirs. There are several large and small grocery stores and bakeries. Availability of fresh produce and meat depends on shipping schedules however several stores offer regional and local produce. Grocery stores sell wine and spirits and there are at least two well stocked liquor and wine stores offering a fabulous range of products from around the world at competitive prices compared to North America. Vendors sell fresh fish and produce along the road and are worth a stop to see what they’re offering.

Does Wesley House have Housekeeping Service?

Yes! Every day except Sunday and Christmas Day. There is a washer and dryer and you can make arrangements with your housekeeper to wash and fold. An iron and ironing board is also available.

What are the Best Restaurants?

It all depends on your taste and budget. Anguilla offers a seemingly endless choice of venues from upscale to toes in the sand beach bars.

Is there Internet Access at Wesley House?


What is there to Do?

The most popular activity in Anguilla by far is going to the beach. Golf, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, boating, SCUBA diving, and tennis are all available, and your villa manager can assist with reservations.

Is it Easy to go to St. Martin/St Maarten?

Yes, it's easy to take the ferry. St. Martin/St. Maarten is Anguilla's closest neighbor and knowing the ferry system is key to enjoying its great food, jet airport, golfing, and chic shopping. The crossing takes about 20 to 30 minutes and is about $25 US each way. The public ferry runs several timer a day during daylight. There are also private ferries available -- Fun Time Charters and Calypso Charters Anguilla. The last run of the day varies with the time of the year. You should have your passport. St. Martin/St. Maarten is two worlds, one half French and one half Dutch.

What's the Pool like?

The pool is a solar-heated infinity pool.

How Close is the Beach?

The closest beach is Savannah Bay, a 5 minute drive or a 20 minute walk. Many other wonderful beaches are only 10-15 minute drive from the villa.

Can we Rent the Guest House without the Main House?

We do not permit guests to rent the Guest House without also renting the main house.

Will we be Sharing the space with other People?

Wesley House is only ever rented to one party at a time, regardless of the number of bedrooms reserved.